Questions & Answers

Q: Where are you located?
A: Rockin' R' Trail Rides is located at Heritage Village, one mile South of Crazy Horse Memorial or 3 miles North of Custer on Highway 385/16 at 24853 Village Ave. Custer, SD 57730.  We are about 10 minutes from Custer, 15-20 min from Hill City, 30 min from Keystone, 45 min from Hot Springs and 50-60 min from Rapid City, SD.

Q: What days are you open?
A: Open 6 days/week - Generally closed on Sundays during peak season. In September generally open on Sundays and closed on weekday. Please call office for updates. 
Q: What time are the rides?

A: Generally rides are scheduled as follows: 1/2 day is at 8am & 1pm.  The  2 Hr and 1 .5 Hr. are at:7:45 or 8am and  10am or 1pm.  The 1 Hr rides are at: 8 am, 10am and 1, 3, ---There is some variablitiy to the times, depending on how the day looks. Early and late in the season, (early June & Sept) the schedule is usually 9am - 4pm. Please call for reservations. Phone 605-673-2999 summer or 520-349-6078 off season..text or call.

Q: Do we need to make reservations?
A: We reccommend reservations at least 1-2 days in advance.  We do accept walk-ins based on availability.

Q: Do we need to arrive early?
A: Yes, we request that you arrive 20-30 min prior to you scheduled ride time to sign release forms and for pre-ride instructions.

Q: Is there an age restriction?
A: Yes, minimum age to ride out on the trail is 6 years old.  Everyone is on their own horse and in control of their own horse.  The younger kids are usually close to a guide.

Q: Can my kids ride with me on my horse?
A: No, we do not allow double riding for safety reasons.

Q: What can we do with the younger kids?
A: We offer a hand-led ride in the corral at no charge for the kids too young to go out on the trail.  A gratuity for your wrangler is appreciated.

Q: Is there a weight restriction?
AYes, Maximum weight is strictly enforced at 230 lbs and must be height/weight proportionate!! Example - 6'2" and 230 lbs = Yes but 5'6" and 230 lbs = No. Anyone close to 200 lb will be asked to step on the scale to verify weight and ensure proper horse is available. Final decisions are at guide's discretion based on the horses available. (Please note: Maximum weight on the Half Day and 2 hour ride is 220 lbs height/weight proportionate due to more difficult terrain.)
Q: Can I ride if I am pregnant?
A: No, for safety reasons pregnant riders are not allowed.

Q: What should we wear?
A: Long pants and closed toed shoes are reccommended.

Q: Can we bring a camera?
A: Yes, we have saddle bags for camera, water etc.  Your guide may ask you to refrain from taking pictures or video at times in order to insure the safety of the ride.

Q: Can we run the horses?
A: No, the ride is a single file , guided, walking ride  for your safety and to allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills.

Q: Do you have riding helmets?
A: Yes, helmets are required for kids 14 yrs and under and optional for others. Helmets are provided at no extra charge.

Q: What about weather?
A: The weather can be highly variable in the Black Hills even in mid-summer.  It is best to pack layers; jackets, gloves, hats are advisable especially early in the summer and in September. 

Q: Will we see wildlife?
A: We frequently see Deer, Hawks, Turkey Vultures, Marmots and sometimes Coyotes or Elk. Bison are located only in Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park.